Certain Wisconsin United FC programs may include participation in an annual fundraising event, with the level of involvement varying by program. Below, we’ve outlined general guidelines and program overviews. More information will be provided as the event approaches.

Club Fundraising

Cash Calendar Raffle

We encourage participation in our Cash Calendar Raffle fundraiser for specific club programs. Priced at $20, each calendar offers daily cash prizes. Players in these programs are encouraged to sell calendars, collect funds, and submit calendar stubs by the final drawing date. It’s important to maintain accurate records and handle calendars with care, making checks payable to Wisconsin United FC. Details on pick-up and drop-off will be emailed, and our staff can assist in fund collection. Prompt participation is vital for the success of our club’s initiatives.

If you choose the buyout option, the calendars will not be distributed to your player(s). Please note that when returning calendars to our administrative staff.

Preferred Support Options


3 ($20 calendars per player)

9U-10U Buyout

Fundraiser Buyout


6 ($20 calendars per player)

11U-19U Buyout

Fundraiser Buyout

Raffle Winners

2024 Raffle Winners
Sam Hamilton$100
Dirk Bartolazzi$100
Nate Fritz$100
Melonie Sandburg$100
Marie Granados$100
Rafael Bustamante$100
Abigail Carter$100
Christina Malfanti$100
Mandi Dietrich$100
Kyle Cropsey$100
Angie Zirngibal$100
Olivia Le Count$100
Paula Schwebke$100
Nick Pretasky$100
Elizabeth Sobieck$100
Elizabeth Bruehl$100
Melisa Abney$100
Scott Kraft$100
Bryan Wyckoff$100
Suzanne Kamler$100
Carrie Cherney$100
Evans Benz$100
Mike Chroge$100
Julie Bogard$100
Karen and Don McGregor$100
Leann Vissers$100
Jeff Paprocki$100
Eric Peterson$100
Karrie Kleinschmidt$100
Greg McLaughlin$100
Gail Moesch$100
Thomas Nejedlo$100
Natalie Van Roy$100
Trina Lux$100
Sandy Smith$100
Ben Dewar$100
John Van Allen$100
Shawn DuFour$100
Amy Vandehey$100
Kelly Wall$100
Denise Kreidler$100
Crystal Guns$100
Lisa Cropsey$100
C and J Ropella$100
Ben Wettstein$100
Rebecca Davies$100
Tracie Heyrman$100
Enoc Cortes$100
Gary Hermans$100
Sandy and Tim Weihing$100
Judd Gehl$100
Matt Flanagan$100
John Nolle$100
Aaron Day$100
Koovy Xiong$100
Julie Apostolou$100
Shari Bergsbaken$100
Stacy Kerns$100
Denise W Stahl$100
Larry J Lufter$100
Jacque Starzynski$100
Maurice Ehlert$100
Brad Witthuhn$100
Courtney Moritsch$100
Michael Acord$100
Francisco Martinez$100
Andrew Godin$100
Carol Senkbeil$100
Paul Goslin$100
Kristy Anderson$100
Gail Moesch$100
Moro Mendoza$100
Darrin Glad$100
Nick and Mel O’Leary$100
Andrew Sam Matchukan$100
Red Lorentz$100
Kurt and Dana Malnke$100
Callie Everard$100
Brett Vandewelle$100
Matt and Kim Bootott$100
Susan Overly$100
Natalie Montgomery$100
Lisa Johnson$100

Winners will be mailed a check to the address filled out on their ticket. There is no need to do anything further to claim your prize.

Your Support Keeps our Club Kicking​

If you have any questions about our fundraising event, please send us a message.