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Pre-Academy Soccer

Pre-Academy soccer is competitive soccer for children ages 11-14. Teams are formed at tryouts based on skill levels of players and teams play at a level of competition best suited for that team. This full-year program focuses on soccer skills, team play, and game tactics. Licensed coaches work with the kids through the year including winter training opportunities.

Pre-Academy Classic

WIUFC Select (Ages 11-14)
Classic level soccer teams compete in the East Central District which includes the Green Bay, Appleton/Oshkosh, and surrounding areas. Teams play fall and spring seasons to determine the winners of the divisions and teams winning their divisions typically get promoted to the state level the following season. This level of soccer is perfect for players still refining their skills or starting out a little later. Games are on weekends in the fall and weeknights in the spring.
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Pre-Academy State

WIUFC Elite (Ages 11-14)
State-level soccer is for teams that have had success at the district level and move up to compete against teams across the state. Players that make the rosters on these teams have proven themselves at tryouts and on their previous teams that they are ready for the additional challenge. Increasing the level of competition demands more of the athletes and gives a good gauge of how they are progressing. Games are on weekends in both fall and spring.
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Pre-Academy YNL

WIUFC Premier (Ages 13-14)
Youth National League (YNL) teams are club teams that have excelled at the State level and were accepted into the higher league. Teams in the YNL leagues are in WI and surrounding states (MI, MN, IA, and IL) so games are typically compressed into a weekend of play to reduce travel. Travel is required to any of these states and tournament play is generally farther ranging as well. Athletes on these teams are hard-working and dedicated to playing at the highest level possible with a goal of starting on their high school team and beyond.
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Pre-Academy Schedule
LocationLeagueSeasonTrainingTimes (PM)Games
11U - 14U GirlsClassicFall2/weekVariesSat or Sun
11U - 14U BoysClassicFall2/weekVariesSat or Sun
12U - 14U GirlsStateFall3/weekVariesSat or Sun
12U - 14U BoysStateFall3/weekVariesSat or Sun
13U - 14U GirlsYNLFall3/weekVariesSat or Sun
13U - 14U BoysYNLFall3/weekVariesSat or Sun
11U - 14U GirlsClassicSpring2/weekVariesWeeknights
11U - 14U BoysClassicSpring2/weekVariesWeeknights
12U - 14U GirlsStateSpring3/weekVariesSat or Sun
12U - 14U BoysStateSpring3/weekVariesSat or Sun
13U - 14U GirlsYNLSpring3/weekVariesSat or Sun
13U - 14U BoysYNLSpring3/weekVariesSat or Sun

Birth Year & Season Matrix

When determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the birth year. Also, note that the format “age followed by U” means that age and younger. For example, 8U means 8 and younger. For more age-group information please reference U.S. Soccer’s Player Development Initiatives.

Birth Year

Wisconsin United FC Tryouts

We welcome ALL players to try out for Wisconsin United FC. Tryouts help us evaluate players and roster them on a team that best fits their skill level and aspirations. Players can submit their tryout interest at any time during the season.