Financial Aid

Below you will see the process for applying for Financial Aid, all of WIUFC financial aid is need-based. There will be no Financial Aid provided for Summer Camps; discounts for these programs will be provided at the Camp Directors discretion.

All Financial Aid communication should go through the  email address. This address is monitored by multiple people and we will respond within 5 days depending on the specific question or concern.

Anyone that joins the club mid-season and is interested in Financial Aid will need to reach out directly to the Financial Aid email. We can’t guarantee that players who join mid-season will receive Financial Aid due to budget limitations.

Step One: If you have not done so already, all interested applicants must first complete the Tryout or Player Registration Process. This can be accessed on the Tryout registration page or each regions link:


Step Two: (Juniors & Recreational Players skip this step) During the Player Placement process, each player will receive an offer email for their team assignment and must accept/reject their team invitation.

Step Three: The player must pay the initial player fee payment to hold their position on the team.

Step Four: Once the initial player fee payment is made, the player can apply for Financial Aid using the following link:

Step Five: All applicants will receive notice regarding the amount of their financial aid (or if they did not receive a aid package) within two weeks after the deadline closes. They will have one week to respond either with their acceptance of the financial aid or they need to respond with notice of their withdrawal from the program.

Step Six: When the acceptance of the financial aid communication is received, the financial aid will be applied to their account and the payment plan will be created to pay the remaining balance.


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