2021 - 2022 SEASON

The Wisconsin United Futbol Club has opportunities for WIUFC members and members of the community to make a positive impact on our youth teams. Positions are available to assist in the technical, administrative, and travel pieces required for our players to have a memorable sports experience. Volunteers play a crucial role in the development of our players as athletes and as people. See below for all of the ways you can contribute to building a strong soccer community with Wisconsin United FC.


WIUFC is a volunteer organization which requires the participation of its member’s families to help with necessary functions to run the club. WIUFC recognizes that all of its members have their own time priorities and constraints. It further recognizes that some families have time and the desire to provide more volunteer hours than others. The dedication and time commitment of member families allows WI United FC to operate without significantly increasing fees.

The Club Service Hours requirements outlined in this policy require a minimum number of club service hours for each player. WI United FC will allow families a “ Club Service Hour Buyout”.

Juniors players have a "Club Service Hour Buyout" of $90 per player 
if they chose not to participate as a volunteer. 
Recreational players have a "Club Service Hour Buyout" of $50 per player
 if they chose not to participate as a volunteer. 
Academy players have a "Club Service Hour Buyout" of $180 per player if they chose not to participate as a volunteer.   
The Club Service Hour Buyout payment is due at registration.   All players and teams will be provided with various service hour opportunities. If none of the listed options work for your family, it will be your responsibility to contact the Service Hours Director to arrange for another opportunity at .


The volunteer opportunity will need to be fulfilled by an adult who has attained the age of 18; however if a player is 16 or older they may fulfill their own volunteer opportunity.  WI United FC has ample opportunities to fulfill your volunteer commitment. Individuals will be responsible to follow up and offer their help in a timely fashion. A final determination on fulfillment of the volunteer commitment and on the interpretation of the volunteer policy will be made by the President.



U10 Juniors and Recreational players are required to perform a total of 3 hours of service hours the months of September – July of the current soccer season.  U6 & U8 players are exempt from service hours requirements; Academy players are required to perform a total of 6 hours of service hours during the months of September - July of the current soccer season. 

The following positions within WI United FC will serve as fulfillment of the volunteer commitment:
1.       Head Coach of a recreational (one per team)
2.       Assistant Coach of a recreational or classic team (one per team)
3.       Team Coordinator of a club team (one per team)
4.       Serving as an active member of the
5.       WI United FC Board
6.       Recreational Committee
7.       Tournament Committee(individual will have to hold a working position for one of the WI United FC tournaments)
8.       Raffle Coordinator
9.       Fields or Other Committee opportunities
When arriving at the volunteer opportunity, report to the person assigned to that location to check in. 


WI United FC will use Sign-Up Genius to allow WI United FC members to sign up for service hours.  Please click on the SignUP and than select the area you are interested in.

Thank you for your commitment in keeping WI United Futbol Club running strong.
Wisconsin United FC Board of Directors
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