Tryouts for our Pre-Academy and Academy teams occur in June. A full year spans August through July, with players moving up one year in age annually (see age matrix). Tryouts are required for all players. WYSA, our state organization, determines the process and offer dates. If you’re interested in joining our club outside the tryout period, contact us to make arrangements with one of our Directors. Players can express tryout interest at any time.

Participate in tryouts to secure your spot for the upcoming season’s age group. Multiple tryout sessions are available, and attending all is recommended. If you can’t make a session, reach out to the DOCs. Players aiming to play in a higher age bracket must obtain DOC approval.

Coaching Directors manage our tryout process; players should arrive 10-15 minutes early for check-in. Team selection will be determined solely by the DOCs, considering tryout outcomes and consultations with evaluators.

All player fees and program requirements are listed in the Programs section:

Offer dates are determined by the state organization WYSA each season.

  • Offers for the 2024/2025 season for 11U-15U will be sent out after 12pm on June 14, 2024
  • Offers for the 2024/2025 season for 16U-19U will be sent out after 12pm on June 21, 2024

Watch for an email with your offer details; click to accept or decline within 24 hours. Let a DOC know if you require more time. If you need assistance, contact gro.c1712910149fdeti1712910149nuiw@1712910149rarts1712910149iger1712910149.

For questions regarding times, dates, and registering, please contact gro.c1712910149fdeti1712910149nuiw@1712910149rarts1712910149iger1712910149

For questions regarding team placement or specific questions regarding your athlete for the upcoming season, please contact our Executive Director or a Director of Coaching (DOC):

Executive Director – Eric Gebhard
DOC North – Dusty Rhodes
DOC South – Shant Mesdjian


Tryout Fee

If registered before 5/27/24

Tryout Fee

If registered on or after 5/27/24


Tryout Schedule
Age GroupBirth YrDatesTimesLocations
11U Boys2014Fri, 5/315:30pm-7:00pmAll
Wed, 6/55:30pm-7:00pmAll
11U Girls2014Fri, 5/315:30pm-7:00pmAll
Wed, 6/55:30pm-7:00pmAll
Tryout Schedule
Age GroupBirth YrDatesTimesLocations
12U Boys2013Mon, 6/34:30pm-6:30pmDePere
Tue, 6/114:30pm-6:30pmDePere
12U Girls2013Tue, 6/44:30pm-6:30pmDePere
Thu, 6/134:30pm-6:30pmDePere
13U Boys2012Mon, 6/36:45pm-8:15pmDePere
Tue, 6/116:45pm-8:15pmDePere
13U Girls2012Tue, 6/46:45pm-8:15pmDePere
Thu, 6/136:45pm-8:15pmDePere
14U Boys2011Thu, 6/65:00pm-6:30pmHoward
Mon, 6/105:00pm-6:30pmAppleton
14U Girls2011Fri, 6/75:00pm-6:30pmHoward
Wed, 6/125:00pm-6:30pmAppleton
15U Boys2010Thu, 6/66:45pm-8:15pmHoward
Mon, 6/106:45pm-8:15pmAppleton
15U Girls2010Fri, 6/76:45pm-8:15pmHoward
Wed, 6/126:45pm-8:15pmAppleton
16U Boys2009Tue, 6/119:00am-10:30amAppleton
Mon, 6/179:00am-10:30amHoward
16U Girls2009Thu, 6/139:00am-10:30amAppleton
Wed, 6/199:00am-10:30amHoward
17U Boys2008Tue, 6/1110:45am-12:15pmAppleton
Mon, 6/1710:45am-12:15pmHoward
17U Girls2008Thu, 6/1310:45am-12:15pmAppleton
Wed, 6/1910:45am-12:15pmHoward
18U Boys2007Tue, 6/111:00pm-2:30pmAppleton
Mon, 6/171:00pm-2:30pmHoward
18U Girls2007Thu, 6/131:00pm-2:30pmAppleton
Wed, 6/191:00pm-2:30pmHoward
19U Boys2006Tue, 6/111:00pm-2:30pmAppleton
Mon, 6/171:00pm-2:30pmHoward
19U Girls2006Thu, 6/131:00pm-2:30pmAppleton
Wed, 6/191:00pm-2:30pmHoward
Tryout Schedule
Age GroupBirth YearDatesTimes
11U-15U2014-2010Wed, 6/123:30pm-4:30pmAppleton
Wed, 6/192:45pm-4:00pmHoward
16U-19U2009-2006Thu, 7/202:45pm-4:00pmHoward

No Tryouts. No Problem.

Interested in joining our club outside of tryouts? Contact us anytime, and we’ll connect you with a Director to discuss possibilities. Let’s make it happen!

Birth Year & Season Matrix

When determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the birth year. Also, note that the format “age followed by U” means that age and younger. For example, 8U means 8 and younger. For more age-group information please reference U.S. Soccer’s Player Development Initiatives.

Age Matrix
Birth Year

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