WIUFC Tournament Rules


All events held by Wisconsin United FC Soccer Club rely heavily on the “Spirit of the Game”: An emphasis on sportsmanship, fun, respect-for-all and quality of play over winning, rivalries or trophies. Highly competitive play is encouraged but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the rules and the basic enjoyment of participating. Spirit of the Game provides the underpinnings of the Rules of Play and will guide any unique decisions or unforeseen circumstances not covered in the Rules of Play.

1. FIFA/USYSA & WYSA Rules apply to all games. Exceptions are noted below.

2. TEAM COMPOSITION: It is the responsibility of each team to field a team that meets the requirements of the following rules for each game. Players may only register with one team. ALL players must be affiliated with their state association. Each team must present a signed or certified league roster as well as USYSA/Club Player Passes. Teams are permitted up to FOUR guest players. “Club Pass” players will be counted as part of a team’s regular roster, the number of which will limited by its respective State Association policies. Please contact the Tournament Director if there is a hardship case. All variances to team composition will be at the discretion of the Tournament director.

U9 & U10 Teams: Maximum roster size will be 12. These teams will play 7 players (the goal keeper being one of them) on the field for each team.

U11 & 12 Teams: Maximum roster size is 16.  All 16 players can suit up and play in game.  These teams will play 9 players (goalkeeper being one of them) on the field for each team. Field size will be (approx.) 70 yds x 50 yds.

U13 – U19 Teams: Maximum roster size is 22. Teams may only play (” suit up”) 18 players per match. These teams will play 11 v 11 “full sided” matches.

3. REGISTRATION: All teams must complete the mandatory online check-in. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please see the Manager’s Checklist for the specific deadlines. Rosters, Guest Player form, Guest Player Roster, if applicable, and Waiver of Liability and Medical Release for each player will be required.


U9-U10: 2x20 minutes (Running time with a five-minute halftime). NO OFFSIDES WILL BE CALLED.

U11-U12: 2x30 minutes (Running time with a five-minute halftime).

U13-U19: 2x30 minutes (Running time with a five-minute halftime).

Starting Kick-off will be taken by the visiting team, Home team will decide which goal to defend in the first half. Home team will have kickoff to begin the second half.

5. GAME SCHEDULE: Tournament Committee shall have the authority, in the event of extreme or inclement weather, or other circumstances, to do any of the following:

A. Relocate or reschedule any game.

B. Reduce by up to half the duration of any game.

C. Cancel any game that has no bearing on the outcome of a group

D. Terminate any game five minutes before the next game is scheduled to start

E. Please refer to Rule 17 regarding refunds if the event is called off at any time.

6. HOME TEAM: The home team is responsible for supplying an acceptable game ball and changing jerseys in case of a color conflict.

7. TEAM AREAS: Both teams will be located on the same side of the field with ALL spectators located on the opposite side of the field. Coaches are expected to be generally aware of and stay within a technical area, even if it is not clearly marked.

8. SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions may be made prior to a throw-in in favor of your team, prior to a goal kick by either team, following a goal by either team, following an injury to a player from either team, or at half time. Substitutions may also be made for your team on the opposing team’s throw-in

if the opposing team also has a player at the half-way line. Referees are given liberty and authority to limit excess and near-constant substitutions as a time wasting and gamesmanship tactic.


A. All players will wear adequate shin guards covered by stockings.

B. No casts or splints are allowed unless they are approved by the Tournament Director. In general, few casts or splints will be approved but please visit Tournament Headquarters for inspection and possible approval to play.

C. No jewelry will be allowed.

D. ALL player equipment is subject to referee inspection and approval.

10. STANDINGS/SCORING: Please work through team’s coach or manager for questions or clarifications regarding standings and tie breaker scenarios at Tournament Headquarters.

A. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie (including 0-0), 0 points for a loss

B. Tie Breakers In Preliminary Round:

1. Head-to-Head

2. Team with the most wins

3. Goal Differential (goals scored minus goals allowed) with a maximum of three per game. (A score of 4-2 is a goal differential of 2, a score of 4-0 is a goal differential of 3)

4. Goals For (Most goals scored) with a maximum of three goals per game being considered (A score of 4-0 would only count 3 goals).

5. Goals Against (Least goals allowed) with a maximum of three per game being considered (A score of 0-4 would count as 3 goals against).

6. Kicks from The Mark (Penalty Kicks). In the event that kicks from the mark be used, USYSA/FIFA rules will be followed except as noted below. Each team will select 5 players to kick from those that were on the field at the end of regulation. The goalie for the kicks from the mark must be on the field at the end of regulation. Teams will alternate kicks. The visiting team will shoot first. If the score remains tied after 5 kicks, teams will alternate


C. Semifinal and Championship games tied at the end of regulation will proceeded directly to kicks from the mark. The rules stated in rule 10.5 shall apply.

11. AWARDS: U11 through U19 Champion teams will receive an individual award for each player. Unfortunately, it cannot be assured that coaches or managers will be granted an award, nor any player who was not present for the awards ceremony.


A. Use of a suspended player will result in forfeiture of the match in which the suspended player was used. Coaches and managers should be aware that use of a player who received a red card in the previous match will result in a forfeit.

B. If a team has less than 7 player's present, five-minute grace period will be granted before a forfeit is declared. All teams are responsible to play the entire tournament. A minimum of 7 players constitutes a team. Failure to appear will jeopardize future acceptance for the team

or club in all WI UNITED FC tournaments.

C. A team forfeiting will be disqualified from placing 1st or 2nd in their group and/or

advancing to a semi-final or final. The score of any forfeited game will be recorded as 3-0.


A. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and spectators.

B. All yellow and red cards will be reported to the tournament director and to the WI Youth

Soccer Association.

C. The following may result in loss of a point to a team in the standings: persistent or egregious violation of the Zero Tolerance Rule regarding referee abuse, verbal or physical confrontation with opposing team’s players/coaches/spectators, approaching a referee at halftime/postgame and persisting with questions or complaints, or failure to cooperate with event officials with regard to tournament and park rules.

D. Any player receiving a red card will be suspended from the next game in the tournament. Except in the case of referee assault or abuse, the Tournament Director shall have the authority to impose should circumstances warranted by matters arising from the tournament

or games, additional penalties to a player, team staff, team or club.

E. In accordance with USYSA regulations, the issuance of all red cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its coaches, or supporters will be reported to the home state association and the home club/league of the player, coach, team, or supporters involved. All matters involving a referee assault or abuse shall, in accordance with USSF Rule 1108, be referred immediately to the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association.

F. In the event of an ejection to a player, coach or spectator the “out of sight and out of hearing” rule will be applied. Violation of the rule may result in the individual(s) banned from the entire event, forfeiture of a game or dismissal from the remainder of the event (no refunds).

16. PROTESTS: The decisions of the referee and those of the tournament director are final.

17. REFUNDS: If the event is called off prior to its commencement, fees shall be returned to the teams. If the event is called off after the start of the first game of the tournament refunds will not be given. No refunds will be given to teams that drop out after the event entry cut-off date.

18. HEAD INJURIES: The assessment of trainer or onsite medical staff determining if a patient has sustained a concussion will lead to withdrawal from the tournament unless there is a note from trained medical staff that the player may return without further risk of significant injury.


Some divisions (7-team & 10-team divisions) have Wildcard berths. The Wildcard team will be decided after preliminary round games are completed.

In the 7-team division, the team with the most points after Saturday will earn the #1 seed. Team with the 2nd most points will earn the #2 seed and so on until seeding of the 7 teams is completed. Quarter-Final Matchups will be #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5 -unless the teams have already played each other on Saturday. Matchups then will be changed to avoid that. 

In the 10-team division the Wildcard berth is the team with the most points who has not won their bracket. Semi-Finals matchups will be Bracket A winner vs Wildcard & Bracket B winner vs Bracket C winner. If the Wildcard comes from Bracket A, then the Semi-Finals matchups will be Bracket A winner vs Bracket C winner & Bracket B winner vs Wildcard. The Tournament Director reserves the right to reassign teams to the Quarter-Final & Semi-Final to avoid teams who have advanced into those rounds from playing against a team they have already played in the preliminary rounds. Matchups will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director and cannot be negotiated.

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